The Sounds


The most interesting things in my office are the sound of boots and the crying UPS. While the busiest lady in the nearby department had the speediest footsteps, the bosses had it tamed with all their experiences – for them it was majestic slow, I would say. The footsteps of the lady remind me that life is fast and I should act fast. While there are some who doesn’t make any sounds. Are they just floating in the air? May be they are crooked enough not to reveal their presence. Though, these talking toms keep their market value high. In between, can anyone just define me what is market value?

Some just rubs their floor while walking. (I remember the old school days where we used to rub slippers to irritate teachers while teaching). If you listen to a weeping melodious foot note in between, it will be my pantry friend. It feels like aged, weak footsteps. In the morning of every day, his footsteps will regain all the strength. After all its life, we need to sleep over and get back to work for meeting the two ends of our family. He represents one of the most hardworking men in our office and that’s why he is described more here. In an office ears are the most important organ for us. We will hear these footsteps and identify who it is. Every individual has a hidden worse face inside him to ‘fairplay’ in business. We can’t identify them easily, but these footsteps will never lie to us. They reveal us the truth, always!



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