Journey in a lift


Oh! Shit Time is less. I saw everyone making gestures from which I rightly interpreted that the lift has almost reached. I punched and the machine replied thank you. As she is the only one who says thank you for my deeds in the office, I replied welcome and speeded to the lift. Reminding skating I just smoothly skipped through the surface and reached the lift, by then the door was closing. It was almost packed and I was confused in entering the lift. If it beeps symbolizing overload, it’s not only that I need to wait more time for the sibling lift to arrive (as there is two lifts), but also I may see the teasing smiles of the people who wear different masks a day. After all its business, masks are prerequisite. I just prayed and entered the lift, post my colleague’s timely interference to prevent the door from closing.

Yeah! She loved to accompany me. I was happy and loved to ‘blah blah’ and I told them since the lift is favoring gravity it may not be concerned about overloading. Just like a scooter going neutral in a sliding road, it will flow down easily. These experts in ‘masking’ didn’t nodded to that, but that’s fine, but they showered a mixture of emotions instead of that. The lady just told she’s matured (this is the keyword here) and addressed me as a kid using the opportunity well. “Oh kiddo, just another day, every one will be having this day” added she. I reminded myself ‘why did you say that man’. Anyway, word is uttered and history is made. The lift overrun the expectations about gravity and reached beneath the surface, the parking lot, where I will be going with my colleague in scooter. The lady was supposed to get down on the ground floor but like she said seconds ago, she was matured enough not to press the 0 level in the lift to where she was supposed to get down. I signaled a good bye happily waving my hand.


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