Time Ticks Version 1: Badass



Normal days will begin at around 10:00 am. Eye lids slowly open to the world when mom’s screaming notch up beyond its threshold where daddy might interfere. That will be a mess, so I decided to wake up. When I laid my eyes over my mom and dad, I realized that for them it seems like noon. Mom would be preparing the meals for lunch and adjacently I would be squeezing the tooth paste. After brushing, in order to curtail the long wait for my stomach, I would have the yummy tea and breakfast. Then I used to skip through the newspaper to convince my dad. Even then, I used to note the important events and happenings to discuss later in the ground, prior to playing football in the evening. My dearest of the cow, kunji will be ruminating after her healthy breakfast, which my dad would feed her. According to my mom, this event will be taking place early in the early morning, around 6:00 pm, where I would be engaged with my illogical dream sequences. After grabbing some handful of money to spend the rest of the day and also to feed ‘breakfast’ to my two-wheeler, I leave my home to meet yet another bunch of bad asses, whom by the time have begun to imbibe the boos of the mighty pan. There is a thing with the pan. Some day it might go vain with no nervous influxes in the head, the money left in turmoil. But on your day, it just floors you and feels like your wings are clipped. I may return home by 2:00 pm after the ‘worthy’ spend hours (I am not entirely knotting this as wasted times, that looking back now it gives such a speechless feel) to have my yummy lunch following which I sleep till 4:00 pm. I am not entirely a bad ass, that somewhere in between I might also do something my dad says. Evening is all about the mom’s delicious tea (in fact whatever she makes is just, yeah, again speechless) and the more eventful football match. It is indeed a fun with my friends and a venue to make some healthy rivalries. After sweating enough to get scolded from my mom, we conclude the game and rests while having some puffs. Dinner is just like heaven where I feel the most of my mummy’s sheer cooking expertise. After having a ‘never ever can substituted’ dinner, I skip towards social media and some movie stuffs till around 12:00 pm.


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