The fun filled football time



Picture Courtesy : AP


When I reach my home after the college, time would be around 5:00 pm. Quickly gulping my tea and neglecting all the screamings  from my loving mother for not doing the works she assigned, I would just kick start my bike and rush towards the playground. The game starts around half an hour and that’s why I rush. Whether it is the Old Trafford or be it our lovely little ground, where many priceless memories are created, the ‘monkey’ is the traditional way to warm up for a football game. Me and my friends along with our locale little kids, who want to show themselves the power beyond their ages, will start the monkey practice.

Most often the foul plays (take it in a lighter note) are the fun while playing ‘monkey’. Mostly the little kids will fall for the post of monkey owing to the cheeky tactics by us, but on occasions we take it to our grown up circle. That would be a treat and endless fun. By gesturing to the adjacent mates, we will team up to target one specific friend at a time. While we make it easy for our gestured group, we make it tough for the targeted one. He soon will know that as ball frequently reaches him in an uncomfortable manner. But remind you, at any time the gestures can turn up against anyone in the circle. That’s the uncertainty I love while playing monkey.

After such an unpredictable monkey play, we will kick start the game. By now the spotlight is shifted to the grownups like us, leaving the kids to the background stage. Then the sheer battle begins and the next 45 minutes will be a fiesta. The team will be equally parted on the basis of the strength, where some of the kids will also come to the limelight. I have to say, some of these kids possess the capabilities to outrun us at times. Remembering this happily, we move on to the game of friendship and rivalry (mostly healthy but at times will break the shackles and become bad, in fact that makes us friends).

When the moment ball kisses our feet, the times start ticking towards making it worthy. We should have an eye on the ball and the other on the opposing players. Above all, a foreseeable thinking is also prerequisite for football. At times we might need a short pass, sometimes a lofted high ball. When the window of opportunity pops up, we should go for that classic, game changer threw ball.

One of my friends is having that mighty figure and always possesses that energy like a horse in a battlefield. When he comes across, it’s better to pass the ball to a teammate, rather than trying any cheeky tackles. But if my pan lover friend is coming with all the power, we can easily tackle him and evade. But the rivalry in him will boil harder that he will come before our team at any cost from then on. Once if we play cheeky with this guy, remind, then on he is so dangerous in the play.

The same is his brother. When this friend of mine is in the opposition, it’s just like a brutal nightmare. He has that thrive in him, with which he can anytime pierce our goal post. But he will make us more dedicated into the play and healthily motivate us to perform well against each other. I have gained so much energy to play, even in the added minutes, because of him. Beating his team can’t be expressed in words, when we look forward to the endless teasing after the game.

The yoyo among my friends is the best footballer I have seen. Calm patient though tricky. He might be probably the player who can keep the football with him for longer time. It seems like the ball has been pasted to his amazing pair of legs. Having the play maker in him on our side can make things possible.

This is happiness and it went for days and months. The ground will remain as one of the beautiful canvases of my memory throughout my life. A lot more are skipped in this scribbling that are integral part of this canvas. If included this piece of work may last longer. I love football so much and thus this little ground. This piece of scribbling is indeed a precious throwback to the fun filled times.


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