A window seat perspective


As the sound of rail battling with the wheels pierce my ears and mind, my friend, the window reveals a lot to see and think. The day lashed my hopes to successfully book an AC compartment, but has gifted me a priceless friend, whom I would have missed if things happened according to the plan. That was an exceptional vocabulary expansion, when I heard it for the first time “butterflies in stomach” from my priceless friend. Later she has become much more integral part of my life, carving her unique space in my heart. Now let she be there safe that this is my only friend for the time being – the window.

She lets through the air, which you all obviously think would nourish me, but in fact it is dehydrating me. Thanks to the railway department for putting up SHIVAM fans on the roof of the coach, but ironically it is pumping the torturing heat downwards. But even then my friend is where I seek my asylum. When I look through her in the night, I see lit up houses in a few distance, passing rapidly before I catch up with my eye, as the train is fiercely advancing towards the destination. These houses belongs to someone and are filled with hopes, sadness, happiness even greed. But the end of the day let all the negative deeds be forgiven and the positives be harvested when time comes, that what remains be only the smile.

When I look through her, I see the endless waters. There are also bridges that are anchored to the hearts of these rivers carrying vehicles to and fro. I guess these vehicles will also be carrying someone’s hopes, happiness and sadness. That night was a dim lit night and is peacefully concluding the eventful day for me. After all the hustles and bustles of the first day of my game changer trip, I feel very relaxed. The day just added another day to the tally of ‘unexpected’. There is even a quote by legendary John Lennon that life is what happens while we are busy making other plans. Despite of whatever mankind achieves by day by day innovations and discoveries, life always comes up with a surprise element or the unexpected to steal the show from us.

But there will be many who help us in securing our time and space in these unexpected events. For this yet another day of my life, I thank the TTE for giving me the claim, even though after hours of wait, I thank the CISF Personnel who deboarded at Nagpur after taking care of me from the very start. All of them are chosen by the God to timely intervene our life. I also wished good luck to the crew sitting opposite to me for their national games event before I decided to wind up for the day, post to the S3 12 person requesting me to step over for that he could sleep. But I will be sleeping late, as I have miles to go with only the uncertainty and hope as aid. But yeah, I am with my friend and she makes me happy.


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