Greatest strength of my life!

What is the greatest strength of our life?

A question that frequently pops up in our life


To go anywhere in this world, to go any far,

To face anything that comes across, without fear.

To chase a life, which tries to pull us down every minute

In every possible manner, though the wise denotes it

The molding fabric called experience!


 What keeps us strong with our determination,

Even when we feel helpless at times

With the typical mixture of anger and sadness

Accompanied by the rolling teardrops.


What makes our nerves steady and intact,

Even when our bosses scold us

For a work we failed to complete or

A work we failed by the ‘fairplay’ of colleagues.


What gives us that passive strength,

When we walk through unknown places

Less known hinterlands or lonely city boulevards

Assured that, no familiar faces will come across.


What gives the ray of hope when we fail,

To pass an interview or to catch the last bus

When a wild fever hits us and our wings clipped

Where all we have is ourselves and some God’s intermediaries.


What gives us the strength and keep us strong

When we accelerate to our destiny and all of a sudden

When fate interplays surprisingly

And break the momentum of life!


The ultimate strength that comes from within

Is because of a sacred thread of life.

The knot to our eternal life, which

Connect us to the centuries old legacy.


He might me chopping onions to help his wife in kitchen,

He might be watching news, lying back on a leaning chair

Or else, he might be listening to radio for the weather forecast

Or feeding his cow or taking it into paddy fields for gracing.


 For the rest of the world, he may be weak in his retirement life,

But for me he is the ultimate force, which keeps me focused on the race of life.

Somewhere in this world, my father is alive

And that is the greatest strength of my life!


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