Morning tale

The melodious clang music will hit my ears sharp at 6:15 am. Eye lids slowly and hesitatingly open to the dark room, where it seems like I am still sleeping. The fan would be churning and pushing warm air to the bottom. Very hard to accept that I have to get up and go to office. Half asleep, I would search for my Lenovo phone, which might be scattered somewhere in the bed, mostly I might be lying over it. After having access, I would search for the unread messages in my phone. I will be going through the residue messages of last night’s chat which I missed as I fell asleep unknowingly. After slowly getting up and stretching my muscles, I will chant a sacred quote while looking my palms, which my mom had taught me when I was young.



After wearing my year old UCB slippers, I would slowly walk toward the extended kitchen area of my room and drink a fair amount of water. It is scientifically proven that drinking water in the morning can improve the metabolism of our body. While looking to the mirror and brushing my teeth, I would plan to make breakfast and lunch for the day. I will be crushing wheat powder with warm water after adding salt and ghee, to soften the ‘atta’ for making chapathi, popularly known as Rotti in North India. My culinary skills were zero a year ago and now it has notched up beyond expectations, thanks to my solitary migration to Delhi. However, I cannot add cooking skills in my academic profile, though in the profile of life, it is one of my greatest advantages.

In my homeland, we mainly rely on coconut to make dishes or curry. But here the scenario is different, that I am completely devoid of coconut in my week days. However, when I go to my sister’s home in the weekends, she cooks me some delicious recipes of coconut, which makes me have a throwback to my homeland. To assist my well planned rotti, I will mainly make a dish which composes onions, tomatoes, chilly, garlic and ginger. After mixing the rotti and chopping the vegetables, I would start the preparation of my delicious breakfast. Sunflower oil, mostly regarded as one of the healthy and refined oil, will complement my efforts to make breakfast. By then time would have clocked one hour since I have said goodbye to my dreams and stepped into my realities of my life.

While I use aluminum utensil to make the dish, the traditional ‘tawa’ (pan), an iron plate slightly inclined in the center and extending up towards the edges is used for making rotti. We have to slowly heat up both sides of the rotti, then remove the tawa and place then directly under the flame to ideally cook it. The perfect rotti will swell like a balloon when we place them on the flame. That is indeed a beautiful sight, which probably had happened when I was at my home. I can now imagine how happy my mom could have been, while she made breakfast in the morning.  The chef in me will retire for the time being, once I complete making rotti and the yummy onion curry. By then the time would have ticked past 8 am.

Now that my body has become fully active after the laziness of the morning, I will speed up my activities from here on. The deeds in the kitchen are followed by a refreshing bath, which not only cleanses the body but also the mind. After putting on my formals, packing my food for lunch and quickly grabbing up my office stuffs and filling it in the bag, I will have my breakfast, which make me realize my mother cooking excellence. Forgot to mention, I have some of the home made pickles made of mango and lemon stocked with me, which my mother had given me when I paved my visit to home in last May. I might also have a teaspoon of them to garnish my breakfast. After putting the utensils in the basin, which will be washed only in the evening when I return from the office, I will wear my shoes. After grabbing the bag and ensuring that the lights and fan are switched off, I will leave for the office. By then the time would be showing 8:45 in my watch.


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