An outcome of greed phrased in forgiveness

Sunset over grassy field

Sunset over grassy field

Hey Brother, how you today?
You did a slightest of deeds which is
Fading away my consciences!
Breaking my bonds, shattering my thoughts
At least for the time being
I don’t blame you my lovable brother
Perhaps I believe you had yourself a gala
May be I might be the reason for your happiness
Even turning myself cloudy and still
I feel like there is no wind blowing here
I don’t belong here, brother
I just can’t blend, but I pretend to merge
Your logic in life differs a lot from me
Mine differs from you like an ocean is to dessert
But we belong to the same roof, brother
At least, promise me that you smile
May the bucks you earned, make worth of it
Because those are made out of my sweat!
All the identities which revealed me to the world
Take them. I don’t blame you, brother, as
I hold to my sacred paternal thread, unlike yours!


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