A hard shell with an undisclosed soft core

The glasses vibrated and spilled adrenaline out of fear

Window panes always stood as if they were strangers.

The air columns ratified their helplessness

And spread the fear out of the room evoking panic!

The AC was never chilled in his office, it never can be.

Even tamed at 24 Celsius, it sweated hard upon his voice

As if a rock is rubbed with another rock, it stood apart

And echoed throughout the office and the minds around!

His footsteps reveal the unending satisfaction of success

Its rhythm symbols the wisdom, which never goes down in life.

Rome was not built in a day, so does him and his career.

An illustrious journey of endurance, patience and sufferings!

But just as an iceberg, he faced the world with a bold face

Which the whole office wished not to face or encounter

For the rest of the world, he is not a poet with words pouring warmth,

In fact, he was the dragon spitting the venomous fire!

That visible part was a crafted mask, he wore it every day.

Just like the iceberg, a lot is hidden beneath that mask.

When every twilight says adieu, he breathe like a rose

His warmth and aroma spreads glory in the world.

No one realized his care and love, neither had he regretted

No one had patience to peep under the mask to see how humble he is

No one had the capability to read between the lines

No one was blessed to have him, feel his love and care.

What could be possibly the best way to define his success?

The luxury car, the elite lifestyle, lavishness, no not at all

For all the smiling Gandhi’s he accumulated? No!

For the kingdom he built with his 35 years of hard work? No!

And I kept on hunting for a well suited adjective for his success story

Unprecedentedly I got it from my pantry friend Javed, for whom,

He was the God father, a sponsor who serves as the backbone of his life

Becoming Godfather for many is how we can define his success in life!


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