The unknown grief of my parrot

Hummed smoothly the twilight summer wind,
Along danced the paddy fields out of joy!
Background stood the beautiful yellowish sky,
And there bloomed a beautiful green parrot!

Her green feathers flapped so fast,
Probably to reach her home, I anticipated.
Was the mother in her longing to see her kids?
The road unfolded vast before my thoughts.

Who knew it was a deadly silence before the storm?
Who anticipated such a status quo?
“Thy art of tragedies”, wept my heavy heart
As her evil counterpart attacked her!

Will it be a positive story of survival, or
Yet another story of agony to gift me sleepless nights?
Enquired my tensed heart while
The beauty was chased by the beast!

Out the wish to live, her wings tirelessly flapped.
The evil seemed angry for intruding her territory,
But helplessly flew the parrot for survival.
And the climax was nearing, said my intuition.

Evil knocked it down, her beak lacked mercy.
The parrot is down, lil one’s heart for the first time,
Felt the rhythm of mother Earth.
In lies the parrot in the lap of melancholy!

Alone found it hard to bear for mother Earth.
Torn apart by the human activities,
She helplessly witnessed the agony,
With only hope and prayers as her aid!

The whole act of drama unfolded before me.
May be God has chosen me this time.
To play the role of a guardian angel.
“Whoever saves one life, saves the world”

She was breathing heavily out of fear.
Those bulged eyes were reddish than it should be.
At times the role of a protector is hard.
Mercy always comes out of persistence and patience.

Out of fear, her beaks sandwiched my fingers
My bone felt crumbled by her ‘bite of life’
But helpless it was, again, and the resistance faded
The anti-freedom box had enough space for her tears!

Bird lover in me was pretty confident on her,
But being a novice in aviculture, I stepped back.
This backed my decision to take her to my friend,
Where she is ‘fine’ now in an anti-freedom box.

Cursed it was her life; the cage defined her!
Cage for her was a lifetime norm, she had exercised it well,
Deprived of which she won’t exist!
She had viewed so much of world through it!

Flown out to the freedom of life, the true hub of its life,
where it is supposed to live, it shall crumble to death!
Locked in a cage, the anti-freedom box,
Where it is not supposed to live, it shall live a happy life!

My parrot will be a false clone of happiness,
Where it lives on identity crisis, detached from its home,
Grapple with its own psychological self,
Without even knowing her true purpose of life!


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