The day when Alfred left

That day…
I realised the eternal bond of friendship is still alive..!
Bond that cares, nurtures and prospers each other..!
Friendship that is defined by happiness, laughter and,
Finally tears, which makes the world still hopeful..!

That day…
I witnessed strong minds which love and respect each other..
Minds which teases on presence, appreciates on absence
Laughs when together, shares shoulders when needed and,
Finally cries on departure with prayers from inside..!

That day…
I felt real minds which can lead the world to light..!
I saw the value of manhood, the purpose of mankind
I realised how small I am, and how big my friends are!
Thy art of showing me how to lead life!

That day..
Taught me that, no matter how much we earn in life,
An ounce of love is far more precious in the world.
No matter how high-toned we are at outside, it’s a plain
Piece of loin cloth, embroidered by love, that crafts friendships for a lifetime..!


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